Effectively Lowering Labor Ratios

1Lowering labor ratios can be tough. Peak season demands create a roller coaster effect on labor; weekends are stretched out, office moves that may be preplanned for months are suddenly surrounded by a sea of local moves. One answer to this would to build a relationship with a staffing company that follows your needs! What would it be worth to you to have a seasonal provider of back grounded, drug screened labor that had been orientated to your industry needs?
For the staffer, who in all likelihood, has little or no industry knowledge of the moving business, they would need access to simple, easy to administer training program at could be addressed to your needs. They also need a reasonable bill rate to ensure an adequate number of labor who will undergo the training and participate in this program, a partnership could be formed between yourself and your staffer to supply temporary labor for all your auxiliary pickups and office moves, workers that would be aware of customer anxiety, company requirements, and your lead people’s needs. Think about it, a little education goes a long way.

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