Who We Are

David Thomason – 44 years in the Moving and Storage business.
We have developed a program that is beneficial to the industry as a whole. It is set-up for the new mover or packer in the industry, whether the employee is starting with a Professional Moving company or is working thru a staffing company. The program is designed in a manner using uniform industry standards in order to be useful to a wide variety of clients. We have had our program in the field for 12 years and have implemented it personally to test its feasibility.
Creating Consistency
Protocols and procedures, answering to supervision, as well as “chain of command”, labor flows when instruction melds with solid procedures as well as access to the proper equipment and materials. With everyone on the same page, from Sales, to Dispatch / Operations, Customer Service, and a trained crew in the field. Field Operations cannot be a “Hail Mary”, everyday you need confidence that your people in the field can, “handle anything”.

Todays litigious society, combined with widespread exposure via “social media”, requires todays movers to be accountable for all their actions, including attitude, appearance, and ability. Poor reviews can create an image of incompetence and that, can lead to major issues with future customers. Stay on top of your “process”, control your public image with a program that offers consistency in all your functions.

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