Welcome to Thomason Moving Training

We have over 44 years associated with the Moving and Storage business and 18 years in the Staffing business but we do not claim to be the world’s foremost experts. We trust no one who makes that claim.

We have however worked our way from the very bottom of the operational chain to the very top and have learned the value of employees that are trained before they are sent to the field. We have also seen the adverse effects of the untrained employee and the impact that it has on business.

We now offer our insight as to what we have witnessed with a degree of humility that implies an understanding to the new workers entering this industry. Every year, you, as an agent / owner, add, and subtract workers in late spring and early summer, do you expect all this change to have no effect on your service criteria?

We would welcome an opportunity to share our programs with you. Please find them as a DVD course you can sample and purchase on the TRAINING tab above, or on our new ONLINE learning management system – movingtraining.online.

We are now including at no charge, our new CDL based Straight Truck PowerPoint presentation as well as programs for measuring workforce performance along with building office staff and estimating tools with the purchase of either of our “Complete” Training Programs on a convenient USB thumb drives. Develop all your employees and your facilities.

Thomason Moving Training is proud to be a member of the following associations

Illinois Movers and Warehousemens AssociationAmerican Moving & Storage AssociationSouthwest Movers AssociationAmerican Staffing AssociationPennsylvania Moving & Storage AssociatesCalifornia Moving and Storage AssociationSERVPRO of Santa Cruz is IICRC Certified! | SERVPRO of Santa Cruz

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